Just because

I haven’t posted much about our baby girl in while so I thought an update was due!  For those who don’t know already, she is going to be a big sister at the end of January.  We are trying to prepare her, but she just looks at us like we’re crazy.

She is talking up a storm and saying new things everyday.  Some we understand, but a lot we don’t.  She is very emphatic about repeating it and still it is jibberish to us.  Poor girl.  Perhaps Sophie knows what you are saying?


She got a new swing set (thanks mom and dad!) and loves to play on the slide.  Our new favorite past time.

She looks more like a little girl than a baby these days.  Still not a lot of hair, but it is getting there.

She is obsessed with the videos on our phones.  Most of them are of her and she watches them over and over again.  Starting that technology restriction early!


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Wedding Quilt

My cousin Alexandra is getting married at the end of September and we hosted a bridal shower for her at my mom’s house at the end of July.  She is my only girl cousin on both sides, so it was nice to get to do something girly for her.  She loves vintage, soft, very pretty things so I knew this quilt had to have that feel to it.  I choose a classic pinwheel pattern and selected fabrics with a vintage feel.

And I think I hit the mark if I do say so myself.  For the backing, I added a nice piece of teal fabric with a more modern design to keep the entire thing from feeling TOO old.

The quilting is simple, just straight lines on the diagonal.

I have it on good authority that the bride absolutely loved it.  I think the exact words were “If I were a quilt, I would be this quilt.”

Mission accomplished.  :)

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Kitchen Remodel

We bought our house in 2009 with the intention that one day we would do the kitchen.  It is a large room with great space that was poorly underutilized.  So when the sink broke in April, we decided it was finally time.  The cabinets, original to the house (built in 1963), were starting to show their age and half the doors wouldn’t shut anymore.  Not to mention the kitchen was completely not functional in layout or design.  Add to that some country blue laminate countertops and I was ecstatic to go from this:

to this!

We absolutely love the way everything turned out!  It is sooo much more functional and clean.  We still need to do backsplash and paint, which we will do later this summer.

My parents were a huge help and we could not have done this without them.  My dad’s help is what allowed us to do most of the work ourselves and save a lot of money.  We hired out the cabinet install with a family friend, but the rest was all of our blood, sweat, and tears.  And 8 weeks without a functioning kitchen. (Kinda like camping, but not as fun.)  FYI, bathrooms were not designed for doing dishes.

A few highlights from the finished product.  Getting rid of the wall cabinet that held the stove opened up the room and allows in so much more light.  So did moving the refrigerator and extending the countertops down to the other window.  We added a lot of lighting as well with under cabinet lights, recessed lights in the ceiling, and a pendant over the sink.  Now I can actually see to do dishes at night instead of discovering they are still dirty in the daylight.  We also ran a gas line from downstairs so we could have a gas stove.

So much better!  I will never want to sell this house.


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I am a baby quilt making machine these days!  This one is for my cousin and his wife who just had their second baby, a little boy.  Again, I needed quick and easy so I went with a whole cloth quilt.


Owls on the front, stripes on the back, animal print binding.

And quilted with circles.

Simple, easy, and cute.  Off to the mail it goes!

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A sweet couple from our church is having a little one soon.  We are seriously growing our kids ministry from the ground up at Green Hills! :)  Her baby shower was this weekend and it was beautiful.  My friend Tabitha hosted it and she had the cutest things set up like these cards to write a prayer for the baby.

They want the gender of the baby to be a surprise so we helped them come up with some names.

Side note: Tabitha has the cutest, most perfectly decorated house of anyone I know.  I only wish I could have a small amount of her style.  I’m thinking about hiring her to decorate mine.

For this gift, I tried something new and went for a simple cotton blanket on one side and soft minky goodness on the other, then used a coordinating fabric for the binding.  Simple was good because I squeezed this project in amidst our kitchen renovation projects.  (When the grandparents have the baby for a week you can do stuff like that!).

I love this bicycle print by Michael Kauffman and thought it could work well for a little boy or girl.  I was surprised by how heavy it was when I finished it, but it gave a really nice drape to the blanket.

Congratulations Abby and Jesse!




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Adeline’s Quilt

Most of the things I make, I give away as presents.  But, this one belongs to Adeline which means we get to keep it.  I bought the charm pack this quilt was made of on our anniversary trip to Maine a few years ago.  I thought it would make a really nice quilt for our baby one day.

The charm pack itself wasn’t enough to make full quilt, so I used some vintage fabric from my grandmother’s stash.  They coordinate so well together, it is hard to tell what is old and what is new.  I quilted the squares on the diagonal and then used a wavy pattern on the boarder.

I kept it simple on the back with one piece of fabric and used yellow for the binding.


I think she will like it just fine.  :)  It has already found a permanent home on the side of her crib and we find it with her each morning.


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Jimmy “Rocketman” Casada

Sadly, Ben’s step father passed away on March 29.  He had been in the hospital since December with many complications and his body just couldn’t fight anymore.  It was a hard decision for the family and a life ended all too soon.  He was loved by many people and left a lasting impression on those in his life.  We are thankful he was a Christian and loved Jesus.  He will be greatly missed.

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Visit from Nanny and Papaw

Mom and Dad came down to visit for a week in March.  While they were here, I took some time off as well.  We had a great week and Adeline got spoiled rotten by her grandparents.

We played around the house, did lots of walking up and down the steps, and experienced new things like bubbles and wagons and dirt.

We also went to the zoo to see the real animals. (Thanks Clay and Beth for our zoo pass, we love it!)

 And it gave Ben and I some time to get things accomplished around the house, like planting the flowers and PLANNING OUR KITCHEN REMODEL!!!  So excited that this is actually going to happen!  All in all, it was a great week.


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Chevron in Houndstooth

Our close family friends, Luke and Heather, just had their first baby.  Baby boy Declan arrived a couple of weeks ago and is a cutie!  Well, from what I can tell on Facebook at least.  :)  We won’t get to meet him until our annual beach trip to Florida in June.  We can’t wait!

I finished this project a while ago, but then life got in the way and I finally mailed it off last week.  Which means I can finally show it to you all!  I have been wanting to try the half square triangle chevron pattern for a while and this was the perfect opportunity.  I found this great navy blue houndstooth print and thought it would work well.  I added a pop of orange to break it up.

Congratulations Luke and Heather!  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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This girl is 15 months and has so many expressions!

We love her.  A lot.

I do have some crafty things in the works to show you soon, I just need to find time to finish them!

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